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ECU Tools

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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ECU Tools: Quickly and easy convert common automotive units.

Dealing with the modern car and ECU is difficult at the best of times, but when you need to swap between units an added level of difficulty is introduced. ECU Tools aims to help you make the conversions quick and easy.

Simply type in the value, and then select the desired conversion. The answer is automatically displayed.

This App has many conversions, which include:

Boost Pressure Conversions
- PSI to Bar
- Bar to PSI
- KPa to PSI
- PSI to KPa
- KPa to Bar
- Bar to KPa

Air/Fuel Ratio Conversions
- AFR to Lambda
- Lambda to AFR

Speed Conversions
- KPH to MPH
- MPH to KPH

Power Conversions
- KW to HP
- HP to KW
- PS to KW
- KW to PS
- PS to HP
- HP to PS

Torque Conversions
- NM to FT.LB
- FT.LB to NM

Temperature Conversions
- Celsius to Fahrenheit
- Fahrenheit to Celsius

Fuel Economy Conversions
- MPG (US) to L/100km
- L/100km to MPG (US)
- MPG (UK) to L/100km
- L/100km to MPG (UK)

New Conversions include
- Engine Displacement,
- Cubic Inches to Litres,
- Litres to Cubic Inches,
- Gallons to Litres,
- Litres to Gallons,
- Quarts to Litres,
- Litres to Quarts,
- Pints to Litres (US),
- Litres to Pints (US),
- Pints to Litres (UK),
- Litres to Pints (UK),
- CFM to Litres/Min,
- Litres/Min to CFM,
- CC/min to Lb/hour,
- Lb/hour to CC/min,
- Injector Flow (80% DC),
- Driveline Loss,
- Cross Section Area,
- Air Density,
- Current Draw.

Whether you are a Car Enthusiast, or a Professional Tuner, this tool will help you quickly convert units.