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Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa・a Music Picture-book

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This is an illustrated musical version of a Night on the Galactic Railroad, a story written by one of Japan’s leading children’s authors, KENJI MIYAZAWA. In this application, dream-like illustrations and the translucent sound of toytronica music take the reader on a journey into the beautiful, profound world of the Galactic Railroad (272 pages).

Curtains have risen for a picture book that feels like a little movie.

This music book has become very popular is downloaded 20,000 lines in Japan.

On the night of a local festival, two boys take a ride on a mysterious train that travels across the galaxy. The train heads towards the constellation of the Southern Cross, going south along the Milky Way. This is the tale of their night journey through a beautiful yet imperfect fantasy land and the people they meet on the way, a priest, a hunter, a brave youth, and a young brother and sister.


A Japanese poet and writer, Kenji Miyazawa is known for the beautiful, dream-like fantasy worlds he creates in his works. He wrote a number of novels including the children's classic, Night on the Galactic Railroad. Although a prolific writer, Miyazawa remained largely unknown during his lifetime. His works began to enjoy widespread success and critical acclaim after his death, and are today considered some of the cornerstones of modern Japanese literature.

Translator: Roger PRIOR
Roger Prior was born in Bradford, England. He is a graduate of the Japanese Studies Department in the School of East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield.Lecturer at the University of Kitakyushu.

Music: Moskitoo
Moskitoo performs on many instruments, including the guitar, glockenspiel, organ, drum machine, huqin (Chinese fiddle), and toy instruments, as well as composing original scores using electronic music, sampling, and she also writes her own vocals.

Artwork and Design: Takeshi SAINEN
A Japanese visual artist. Self-taught in the draping of clothes, he joined the décor department of a Ginza department store as a designer. Rather than become a creator in only one field, he wanted to be able to design in many, so after that he went to study architectural design and Japanese aesthetics in an office that designed traditional Japanese architecture. Upon accumulating 5 years of design experience there, he joined a leading advertising agency and was responsible for the marketing and branding of luxury brands. He then went abroad to study art in the USA, before retuning and mainly focussing on the PR design of luxury goods brands. He was also selected for an art exhibition held at a Tokyo art museum. As the producer of many paintings, he continues to produce work even as he signed a contract to be the creative director and designer for the most prestigious hotel in Japan, the Imperial Hotel, where he is entrusted with everything from architectural design to advertisement design. He was also in charge of negotiations with France and supervision of the photo exhibition of French photographer Robert Doisneau that was held at this hotel. In addition to this, he also manages a publishing company that publishes electronic picture books to help children grow with plenty of sensitivity. Without being particular about the field or medium, he holds an expansive outlook as he continues his pursuit of the arts.