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RadiologicalInfo is an application that displays information clearly atmospheric radiation dose.
This app has been created entirely by non-profit.

Invisible threats of radiation "quick" "easy," "friendly" was developed as an application that allows anyone to gather information.

After the earthquake, it is a radiation problem facing the Japanese people have more personnel.
iPhone is an excellent device that enables gathering information quickly even when driven on the road in terms of anxiety, such as always carrying.

Measurements of atmospheric radiation quantity that appears in this application,
shows the measured values of the observation points have been established Safecast project.
Safecast and is a large volunteer network will air all over the world to measure the radiation dose.
Its size, the size of the network, as a source of radiation dose and the highest possible current.
Volunteers not only within Japan, with regard to projects that Safecast measure the radiation dose around the world, please check the Web, etc. means.

Stations is limited so we set up the Safecast, exactly, "I point that" the atmosphere by measuring the radiation dose can not be.
Automatically find the nearest observation point, it displays the numbers "in a rough area of" can be grasped quickly.

Radiation problems, can not be guaranteed even in national and local, is a very big problem.
Your body will always protect yourself from. Many sources of information aside, feeling that we are required.

Minute invisible threat of radiation, the more the information source is not.
One source of this app, one of the measure, one of the judging, and you can use it as intended.

In addition, the annual national "1000μSv following years," a criterion that is presented,
By measuring the radiation dose accumulated by yourself every day, record, and will work hard to compute.
This app comes with a feature that automatically record the radiation dose obtained from the nearest stations.
Annual radiation dose limit for presenting the country, I have my degree now been accumulated,
the "7days" "30days" "1year" can also be clearly displayed in the unit.

Invisible threats, it will help you determine for the purpose of the app.

Finally, those who were affected by the earthquake in eastern Japan this time, We sincerely sympathy.

■ The main function of the radiation information
Displays across the country to quantify the amount of radiation - Japan.
How to specify a location was provided three easy to understand.
"GPS" from the specified
"Zip Code" and enter the designated
"Map" Specify a location from

Clearly display the latest information of radiation.
To obtain data is updated every 15 minutes,
You can always find the latest dose.

We will automatically record the radiation dose.
This function will automatically record the radiation dose obtained from the nearest stations.
The iPhone will automatically record the daily radiation dose obtained from the observation point.
Presented by the country "following years 1000μSv" to be a measure of how much you have accumulated radiation dose.
7 days, 30 days, you can toggle the display such as one year.

※ Note
This app is in the background, make use of location-based services,
but, the battery consumption is small because GPS functionality is not use in background.
(We use the significant-change location service.)