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iDMS app is a Document and Record Management System used for managing the incoming and outgoing documents of an organization. iDMS app works only if DMS system has been implemented in your organization and the feature is enabled. Check with your IT department before you do the purchase. If so, this app can help you to access, edit, save, and route documents related to your organization such as Faxes, Memos, and Invoices. The system is designed based on industry best practices for document/record management system and features advanced document retrieval functionality, including a workflow engine that controls the routing of documents from one user to another.
• Akrebeia on iPad is a total new experience for your entire workforce
• Enjoy the ability to work on documents remotely
• Easily access, edit and save documents with just a tap of your finger
• Supports Wi-Fi protocols for secure access to your company’s networks
• Supports Akrebeia Workflow and Notification which includes routing of documents and tasks
• Integration capability with corporate messaging systems
• Supports offline mode