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MyQDOT Tracker Ultimate

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
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MyQDOT Tracker connects users in a platform that allows them to share fuel prices, parking inspector sightings, speed camera locations, garage/yard sales, great restaurants and much more.

After posting you can adjust the accuracy of your posting by dragging the icon, you can also vote for other people's postings.

This single application is doing what multiple other applications are trying to do:

1. Find your parked car - you will never forget where you parked your car again. Just mark the position of your parked car on the map using the GPS on your phone and the application will guide you back. You can even set a little note for yourself e.g. Next to Star Buck.

2. Alert your parking meter - when marking your parked car, just set the expiry time for your parking meter and the application will alert you when it is time to move your car.

3. Parking Inspector Alert - with everyone posting the position of parking inspectors, the application will notify you if there is a parking inspector nearby when your meter is about to expire, so you know how much time you have to getting back to your car.

4. Traffic Updates - you will be happy to know where all the traffic incidents are to avoid them. There are also live traffic updates in selected areas such as Maryland USA, Sydney AU, Melbourne AU, Scotland, more....

5. Speed Cameras/Traps - everyone can share the locations of speed traps and cameras with a press of a button. The location will be marked on the map for everyone to see.

6. Great Restaurants/Cafes/Pub - recommend to your friends and families every time you have a great meal. It will appear on the map for all to see.

7. Garage/Yard Sales - have you ever tried to find yard (garage) sales by driving around endlessly looking for the place? Now you can just post on the map and everyone can see it. You can make a quick note such as the opening time or special items for sale.

8. Messaging - this feature has many uses. Remember when you are at the show with a group of friends and they all scattered everywhere after an 1 hour? Or have you lost your family member that you suppose to meet up for lunch? All you have to do is post a message e.g. 'JK is here'. It will appear on the map.

9. Fuel Prices - Want the best way to save on Fuel? Just post your local prices and share with others. Fuel prices go up and down in cycles, but did you know that they all lag from a few hours to a day? So the best time to fill up is when you see a new post with the highest price while there are still lower prices available. This method alone can save you 15%-17% a week, which could work out to be thousands a year.

10. Fuel Stations - you will be able to see fuel stations that you did not even know existed when you can see them on the map. The current version contains fuel stations for BP, Caltex, Exxon, Mobil, Shell, United for several countries.

11. Voting - you can vote for everything from great fuel prices to great restaurants. Or vote for the fuel stations if you want. Just tap the icon twice at half second interval.

12. Car Compass - the application has a built in compass that can show you to your car.

14. Speed Check - you can quickly check your speed using the GPS on the device.

15. GPS accuracy - the application will even tell you the accuracy of your GPS data with the delta value shown.

16. Distance - you can select anything on the map and the application will show you the distance from your current location.

17. Intelligent Zoom - while on the move, the annotations will automatically popup so you do not have to touch each feature on the map. The application is smart enough to zoom in closer when you are traveling at low speed and zoom out when you are moving faster.

Device Requirements:
* 3GS+ iPhone and iPad 3G+
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* Will run on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
* The compass will only work with devices with a magnetometer