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Alchemist - NM

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It's XI century, the inquisition burns heretics, meanwhile you're trying to create new elements in your laboratory!

Rules of the game:
To get new elements you may mix existing elements in the boiler: move elements to the boiler (no more then four elements at the same time) and shake your iPad or double-click on the boiler, if combination of elements is correct - you recieve new element in the list, otherwise elements leave the boiler!

Features of the game:
● If you don't need some elements for now, you can move them to the abyss (a hhole in the table) and they will disappear. Double-click on the abyss will make all elements disappear.
● If you changed your mind and you want to take an element out of the boiler - just move it from the list to the table. Double-click on the table will show you four basic elements - fire, water, air and earth.
● If you will pay attention on the lis of elements you will see groups of elements in square brackets. Click on the group will show you all discovered elements in chosen group. To use one of theese elements simply move it to the point of the screen you need.

Purpose of the game:
Discover all 129 elements! Good luck!