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Eddy's Number Party! HD

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Winner of the Parents Choice® Silver Medal and the PTPA Media Seal of Approval, Apple Staff Favorite & Education New and Noteworthy

"A hidden gem! Kids will love learning while they play, and the parent guide is a bonus for parents who are trying to prep little ones for kindergarten." – Common Sense Media

"The concepts are all right on target, and mixing up the FUN with the different antics for each game makes this app completely engaging." –

"This is not just a math app. Eddy’s Number Party demands listening attention, memory, and concentration." -- KinderTown

Welcome to the party! Your child can help Eddy’s friends surprise him with the biggest dog birthday party EVER by counting balloons, matching numbers, tracking party hats, and earning stickers while improving memory and attention. Designed with leading cognitive scientists and educational experts!

The Eddy’s Number Party!™ game pairs the latest research on how the brain learns with best practices for developing age-appropriate, educational, and engaging apps for preschool and kindergarten aged kids.

Four levels of Counting, Listening, and Matching

--Levels 1 and 2 begin with the basics: match the numbers 1 to 10 to different groups of party objects while collecting balloons and tossing presents!
--Level 3 introduces the element of strategy: make all the matches in as few moves as possible to win the race!
--Level 4 builds on the challenge of Level 3 by adding in memory demands: make all of the matches to find the hidden present!

Bonus Activities

--At all levels, fun bonus activities add variety and keep interest while reinforcing the same key skills.
--In-App sticker play! As your child masters each learning level, the game awards a new funny “talking” sticker!

Just-In-Time Hints & Help

--Helper hints: at each level, hints encourage your child to keep trying when stuck.
--Helpful demonstrations: if your child needs additional support, timely demos empower your child to get it right next time.
--Individualized progress: the difficulty level constantly adapts based on your child's progress—so the game is always challenging, but not too hard and not too easy.

Grown-Up Central

--Overview: parents are able to review the game’s goals, tour all game levels, and learn about the underlying research and development.
--Report card: a visual report card shows your child’s progress
--Suggestions: find out “what to look for” to see your child’s progress and how to further “bring learning to life.”

The Eddy’s Number Party! game is…

--Tested and loved by kids.
--Based on early learning research.
--Developed with cognitive science advisors.
--Super engaging!

The Research Behind the Game

--Visit the Eddy’s Number Party! game website to learn more about the underlying research.

We’re Listening!

--Please drop us a line via our support page with questions, concerns, or stories about interesting ways you’re using the Eddy’s Number Party! game.


The KinderSpark™ series is a collection of engaging iPad games that focus young children on activities important for kindergarten readiness skills and learning. Our “secret sauce” is the pairing of cognitive development research with curriculum. We think of it as learning disguised as fun!

The Eddy's Number Party! game is the first app in the KinderSpark series. Be sure to check back for more games with Eddy and his friends!