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The uffish laser burbled and bounced in Flynt's grasp, sparks splattering against the loose fitting goggles made of mismatched blue and red lenses as he fired shot after shot into the darkened room and carefully noted the charred stones the blasts landed on. An internship in the sky castle of Mad Barrington was the sort of thing one got when they handed in their forms late, Flynt reflected, after a bubblish night grown hazy but ending sans clothes with a handful of eggs in front of the Dean's house.

"Frabjous work, boy!" Barrington boomed. "We'll have these mirrors sorted out in no time at all!"

"Wouldn't it be easier just to turn on a light and count the mirrors?" Flynt asked as a particularly large spark flew off the sputtering laser and burned through his pant leg.

"Absolutely! But where's the fun in that?" Barrington responded as he cranked the power dial up to eleven.

The next shot had a high pitched whine that only got louder and more worrisome as the shot bounded through the room bouncing from mirror to mirror before there was a blood curdling "MOO!!!"

Flynt dropped the crackling laser and ripped off his goggles. "What was that!?!"

"Dinner, my boy!" the amiably uffish Mad Barrington exclaimed slapping Flynt on the back, staggering the paper thin intern. "Now, let's show a bit more care with our tools," he said as he picked up the hand crafted laser connected by a frayed set of wires to a power box that was beginning to hum and bounce and placed the tool in Flynt's leather gloved hands.

The object of Beamish++ is to find the hidden mirrors and objects within each puzzle that create an illuminating maze. Using the information you gain from firing lasers into the maze and watching where it exits will allow you to guess where mirrors have been strategically placed within the puzzle.

Based on Beamish, Beamish++ takes advantage of the increased screen size available on the iPad to create larger puzzles and offers an Adventure! option with a back story that follows the trials and tribulations of Flynt as he interns in Mad Barrington's sky castle.