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Soundala Play

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Soundala Play is a new innovative iPad music visualizer that unlike typical fractal visualizers, this Digital Music Display accurately reflects every beat & frequency of the music with a stunning visual display.

“A smart new and dare I say exciting app for the Apple iPad … it has to be seen to be believed… you will be amazed at how this app tracks the music to produce the most fantastic graphics, we like it!”

“… I’ve been looking for a visualizer that can track closely to the music, thank you!” AP - Texas

“… it’s great to see you are the only one on the store that has taken the step to deliver a true music visual experience… it is hands down a winner” AM - Australia

Soundala Play blends technology and art to create dynamic light and color patterns based precisely on the beat and frequency of the music. When a snare drum pops or guitar wails, the screen instantly bursts with corresponding visuals. Based on a patented sound and light invention that syncs complex pulsing waveform patterns to music, the result is an exquisitely pleasing blend of art and sound.

9 To 5 IPAD
“Soundala Play creates a vibrant, constantly changing sound and light display that entertains, mesmerizes and makes you feel incredibly connected to the music.”
9 To 5 IPAD – iPad News n Reviews

•Choose songs from your iPad iTunes library or use the built-in mic
•Use your headphones for digital music eye candy anywhere you go
•Design a visual “theme” for any song using the easy-to-use onscreen controls and save it to share with others
•Use the automated mode or choose your favorite preset patterns
•Unique spin feature lets you spin the display to the beat
•Download other custom themes created by fellow users for playback on your iPad
•Hook up to your monitor, TV or flat screen to share the experience with friends or at parties (requires iPad VGA or HDMI cable adapters)

The beauty of Soundala Play is its core visual presentation: a stunning mandala with a full spectrum of spiraling lotus petals. Each petal of the mandala responds individually to the music, creating complex visual patterning. The mandala provides a framework that is constant enough to give the musical changes their focus yet lush enough to offer a continually exciting and visually pleasing experience.

Users of Rabbit Hole, iBeams HD, Audiogasm, Soundscape, Trip Out and Audio Spectrum will enjoy this app and will appreciate the unique user friendly design

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