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DinoaryHD Free - Learn about and mutate DINOSAURS from your iPad!

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DinoaryHD Free is all about DINOSAURS!

"What a great way to learn about these creatures!" - Wendy S., San Diego

Designed specifically for the iPad, with DinoaryHD Free we present 10 different dinosaurs, including popular ones like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. See brilliant graphics of each dinosaur, hear the sounds they may have made, learn about them and how to pronounce their names, and mutate them to build unusual new creations.

Test your dinosaur knowledge and pronunciations with the Flash-Card Testing mode. You can even adopt dinosaurs and mutations, giving your adopted dinosaur their own name and description.

For the complete edition of DinoaryHD, which includes 25 dinosaurs and no ads, look for the paid version of DinoaryHD in iTunes.


- Browse through 10 dinosaurs.

- Hear the sound each dinosaur may have made and listen to a narration describing each dinosaur.

- Learn the correct pronunciation for each dinosaur.

- List the dinosaurs and read more about them. Access the Wikipedia page for each dinosaur.

- Mutate the dinosaurs to build unusual new creations, with the last 15 mutations saved.

- Adopt and personalize dinosaurs and dinosaur mutations.

- Test your dinosaur knowledge and practice pronunciations in Flash-Card testing mode.

Thanks to for our dinosaur sound effects. For a full list of Dinoary credits, please visit our website.