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Optical Dispensing Assistant

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*** Check out the NEW Optical Dispensing Assistant 2, also on the App Store ***

Optical Dispensing Assistant for iPad gives you two apps in one: an accurate progressive lens markup tool plus a four-view-at-once digital mirror to aid customers in spectacle selection.

Using the camera on the iPad 2, you can view up to four images at once of a customer to aid in frame selection. Once taken, these images can be emailed, printed or saved to the camera roll of the iPad.

Use it as a brilliant marketing tool so your customer can email their friends to show them their great new glasses, or take a printed copy home to show family.

Once your customer has chosen their frame, the brilliance of Optical Dispensing Assistant for the iPad comes to the fore. Take a photo of the customer wearing the frame, using the specially developed guides to ensure accuracy, and then measure heights and mono PDs for progressive lens ordering.

Select the side view guides, take a photo and you can then measure pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance.

Optical Dispensing Assistant uses specific knowledge of the iPad's camera to ensure near PDs are accurately calculated. A camera such as the iPhone can also be used (with Photo Stream adding the photos to your iPad), however this increased accuracy is lost. Measurement of vertex distance and pantoscopic tilt is currently only supported with the iPad cameras.

Automatically saves your measured and named images for 30 days. These recent items can be shared to other iPads using iCloud. Updates seamlessly transfer between iPads.

Forget dotting lenses and relying on positioning yourself correctly. The Optical Dispensing Assistant ensures you have the iPad correctly positioned and aligned to maximise the accuracy of your multifocal measurements.

Check if single vision lenses will cut out with the lens overlay feature.

Demonstrate the positioning of bifocal lenses or progressive lenses with the new multifocal lens overlay feature.

Have you been considering a hideously large and expensive dispensing aid from one of the large optical companies? Don't bother. Optical Dispensing Assistant for the iPad can do it without the space or cost.

Version 1.3 now includes iCloud support, allowing you to seamlessly share your measurements with other iPads in the practice. Use a 3rd generation iPad to take images and initiate measurements, then switch to your old iPad 1 to fine-tune measurements.

If you choose to use iCloud, the Recent items list will be shared by all your iPads on the one iCloud account. Changes on one iPad will be automatically propagated to other iPads!

Version 1.4 now allows you to display your images to a larger TV using an Apple TV (or plugged in directly). Use the TV button on the photo display screen to control the pan and zoom of the image on the TV. Let your patient see close-up what the glasses really look like!