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TAP Goalie Tracker HD

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Welcome to TAP Goalie Tracker!

This application will allow parents, coaches and friends to track Goals, Saves and Shots during the game. Following the game, the results can be views and emailed for later printing.

Profile - Set Goalie Profile Left or Right

There are three sections to this application:

1. Instructions
2. Tracking the Goalie during the game. (Period 1, 2, 3, OT)
3. Results


Period (1, 2, 3, OT) – Set by pressing the corresponding period on the top left section of the Tracking Panel.

– --Track goals includes goal location and goal type.

--- Once the goal is pressed (1 hole, 2 hole, 3 hole, 4 hole, 5 hole) a pop up window request the goal type:

---Shot in Goal: A goal not a result of a rebound deflection, or Break Away.

---Rebound: A Goal resulting from a failure to cover or capture the puck.

---Break Away: A goal resulting from a Penalty shot or the opposing player avoiding the defence.

---Deflection: A Goal resulting from a pass or deflection from the opposing team.


–-- Tracks all saves (Any Action that stops the play of the game)

---Glove Save: The Goalie is in possession of the puck.

---Head, Body, Right Pad, Left Pad, Blocker, Stick, Bar.

---Trapped: The Goalie has trapped the puck either with the body or the puck is tangled in their equipment. A Trap is NOT a save.


---View the results in the third section.
---Fill in the players name and Email results for later viewing.
---Email results as SNAP SHOT
---Email results as CSV file for spread sheet


----Press ..Fix Error.. then the button pressed incorrect the error. Press ..Fix Error.. to resume tracking


---Press the button on the top right of the Tracking panel.


---Please feel free to email through the developer page at iTunes.