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Perfect Guitar Song Book

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Music
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Apps4iDevices: "A killer app !", 4/4 stars

AppAdvice: 4/5 stars


"It’s got all of the usefulness of an entire library of tablature, but none of the mess or 
back-breaking physical requirements that come with lugging it around"




With Perfect Guitar Song Book you always have your collection of guitar songs with you.
You can easily transfer songs from your computer or get them from the Internet and organize 
them in lists. The app can handle the most common file formats and comes up with Shake2Scroll, a completely new 
scrolling experience.

▶ Songs from anywhere ◄

Songs may be entered or copied from the Internet as plain text or in Chord Pro format. If plain text is entered, PerfectGuitarSongBook automatically converts the song to the Chord Pro format. 
Furthermore, the app allows importing various file formats, such
 as PDF, DOC, DOCX, PAGES, CHOPRO, CRD and TXT. PerfectGuitarSongBook can convert simple PDF, DOC, DOCX and PAGES files to ChordPro.

▶ Song editor ◄

PerfectGuitarSongBook is the only app in the store that offers "Magical Features" which help you to complete and format songs in no time.

▶ File Sharing ◄

You can transfer songs from your computer to the device or open them from any other app featuring the "Open in"-Dialog.

▶ View songs the way you want ◄

PGSongBook features a customizable song viewer. Even a night mode is included.

▶ Chord charts ◄
Just tap on a chord and the app will display appropriate charts. Add your own chords if they are not included in the preinstalled database.

▶ Notes system ◄

Add notes to a song to display them always together with the song or add different notes to a song for each playlist.

▶ Play to your favorite song ◄

Link a song from your iPod song library or an MP3 song and play it later with only one tap.

► Recording ◄
With the new recording functionality, you can save and analyze your performance, produce your own backing tracks or let your friends benefit from your musicality.
Recordings can be opened in other apps for further processing or sharing.

▶ Create set lists ◄
Bundle songs in set lists, arrange them in the desired order and add notes to each song.

▶ Shake2Scroll ◄

No song fits on one page. 
How can you scroll without having to stop playing?
Shake2Scroll is a feature, that turns the table your device lies on into a foot pedal. You just have to touch the table with your foot to scroll.
Thanks to the precision of the iPhone/iPod/iPad's sensors, even the slightest touch is enough. We just want you to have both hands free for the most important: your music.

▶ AutoScroll ◄
The app also includes an AutoScroll feature that can be set to different speeds for different parts of a song.

▶ Various exporting possibitities ◄

Print your songs, send them as PDF or Chord Pro file or open them as PDF on your device to export them to any app that can open PDF files.
 Moreover, you can export playlists as PDFs, which allows you to create full PDF song books - even with hyperlinked index.

▶ TV-Out ◄

PerfectGuitarSongBook can display songs on TVs or other external displays, so that even your friends don‘t miss out. (appropriate cable is needed)

▶ Transposing, Formatting ◄

Transpose your songs with only a few taps or format them with some so-called Chord Pro directives.

▶ Bluetooth foot switch support ◄

Using a MIDI foot switch like the iRig BlueBoard by IK Multimedia, you can navigate through the whole app without having to touch the screen.
Also simpler non-midi pedals are supported.