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War of 1812 First-hand American History

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Recommended OS 4.2 or better.

Now you can study the Westward Expansion of America & the War of 1812 from first-hand perspective. This is volume 5 of the First-hand History of America. This essential app includes 52 primary source accounts from pre 1802 to 1820. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this app is included in our colossal “First-hand History of America” app with nearly 700 primary source accounts.

*This App includes 52 First-hand Accounts:
• The Importance of Louisiana to the States – Thomas Jefferson
• How Napoleon Persisted in Selling Louisiana – Bonaparte
• Treaty with France, 1803
• Decatur Captures and Burns the "Philadelphia" – Fenimore Cooper
• Why and How Burr Killed Hamilton – Hamilton
• The Lewis and Clark Expedition
• Eliphalet Nott on the Death of Hamilton – Nott
• Crossing the Great Divide – Meriwether Lewis
• The "Bird-Woman" Who Guided Lewis and Clark
• John Randolph on the Offensive War with England – Randolph
• Testimony from the Trial of Aaron Burr – Allbright
• The Chesapeake Outrage
• Fulton Writes About His First Trip To Albany – Fulton
• How Jefferson's Embargo Paralyzed Trade – Josiah Quincy
• Tecumseh to Governor Harrison at Vincennes – Tecumseh
• American Ways of Life in 1811 – Melish
• The Battle of Tippecanoe – General Harrison
• The Battle Between the Constitution and the Guerriere
• The Causes of the War of 1812 – James Madison
• The Seeds of War – John Quincy Adams
• The Surrender of Detroit – Hull
• Cass Describes Hull's Ignominy – Cass
• The "Constitution" Captures the "Guerriere" – Captain Hull
• How the "Guerriere" was Outfought – Orme
• The Battle Between the Chesapeake and Shannon
• Perry's Victory on Lake Erie – Fenimore Cooper
• Why America Had To Fight – Henry Clay
• Capture and Destruction of the "Java" – Commodore Bainbridge
• The Engagement of the "Chesapeake" and the "Shannon" – George Budd
• Perry's Own Account of the Battle of Lake Erie – Perry
• The Battle of the Thames – Breckenridge
• Jackson's Defeat of the Creek Indians – James Parton
• The Burning of Washington – Hildreth
• The Battles of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane – General Scott
• The Burning of Washington – "Dolly" Madison
• The Battle of Lake Champlain – Fenimore Cooper
• What Inspired "The Star-Spangled Banner" – Francis Scott Key
• Jackson's Defeat of the Creeks – Andrew Jackson
• The Battle of New Orleans
• Secession Threatened in New England – Schouler
• The Battle of New Orleans – Major Latour
• The Treaty of Ghent, Concluding the War of 1812
• Discussing the Terms of Peace – John Quincy Adams
• How American Success in the War Imprest Europe – Henry Adams
• Our First Protective Tariff – Randolph
• The Meaning of the Monroe Doctrine – Admiral Mahan
• Arrangement as to the Naval Force to Be Respectively Maintained on the American Lakes –Bagot
• The Building of the Erie Canal – Seward
• The Emancipation of South America – Clay
• Defining the Powers of the Federal Government – Marshall
• Opinion of Chief Justice Marshall in the Case of McCulloch vs. the State of Maryland
• Treaty with Spain, 1819

Main Features:
• Create multiple tabs (study/compare several documents simultaneously)
• Auto-scrolling (variable speed, portrait/landscape)
• Adjustable font size
• Double-tap to toggle full screen
• Night mode – black background with white text
• Highlighting (individual words, phrases, paragraphs; includes 12 colors, bold, underline, and italics)
• Bookmarks
• Personal Notes
• Document Select Rolodex (quick navigation tool for finding/selecting a document)
• Full Search
• Return to where you left off reading when you open the program