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Do you have Tech Tush? If you regularly sit more than 20 minutes at a time without getting up and moving, chances are you do.

Having an active tush will help to create a strong, functional, calorie-burning body. Tech Tush not only wakes up the muscles and tones the tush, but also creates a “brain-body language” that can be used every day in every activity.

Tech Tush is a COMPLETE 30 MINUTE VIDEO PROGRAM that can be done anywhere – no matter your fitness level. You may enhance the workout by using multiple progressive levels or by applying additional resistance (weights 3 lbs. and up). You have everything you need to become smarter and stronger.

As seen in SELF, Fitness, and Seventeen magazines

Learn how to wake up your brain and body connections that may have shut down with excessive sitting

Learn how to properly set up your body to safely and effectively perform the workout

Perform numerous squats and lunges and various angles to wake up your tush

Take your workout on the road wherever you may go. Is effective with or without weights


Introduction to Whole Motion Fitness
Set Up and Form
Exercise 1 Squat & Reach
Exercise 2 Forward Lunge
Exercise 3 Squat & Curl
Exercise 4 Wall Press
Exercise 5 Flye & Bridge
Exercise 6 Abdominals
Exercise 7 Cool Down
Whole Motion Fitness Story
Bonus Exercise

Reviewed in Fitness Magazine:

Almost all of us can admit that we spend too much time hunched over our tech tools—which can do some damage to our strength and posture. Trainer Sandra Hahamian is out to fix our weak spots with her new fitness program called Whole Motion Fitness.
Three things make this method stand out, Sandra says:
Hit all angles. “Most workouts we do focus on linear movements leaving out key part of our muscles.” Training your muscles in 3D can help to prevent injuries, plus athletes have been training this way for years.
Don’t just go through the motions. “Connectivity between the brain and muscle group focuses on a complete full motion, it is how your body naturally wants to move.”
The core contains many muscles. “Focusing on the core is the key to success because that is where most of our power comes from. When most people think of the core they think abs, but in reality, the largest part of our core is the glutes. We need to train them fully.”
I decided to see if I could feel the difference in one of her classes! In the first few minutes of this 30-minute session, I could definitely understand what she meant. Doing her lower body sequence, you feel parts of your muscles engaged that you don’t normally train, and you realize you have been cheating this major muscle group.
Sandra has teamed up with Katrina Garnett, her best friend and founder of My Little Swans (a website devoted to all things travel) to launch a Whole Motion Fitness 30-minute video in July 2011. One big plus is that it can be done anywhere—which is great for travelers because it alleviates muscle stiffness and strains from being cramped on a plane or in a train or car for hours.