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Fruit Heroes

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Action
  • Adventure
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★狂賀【2011年 台灣APP STAR超級冠軍】★

《Hami Farm》(Fruit Heroes前作)勇奪2011年台灣APP STAR冠軍,歡喜邀請你下載進化版《Fruit Heroes》,推出2012新年版本內容,增加龍年關卡且加強節慶氣氛。

因為年邁的老農夫去買肥料的路途中被猴子欺負了 …猴子從樹上丟下椰子把老農夫砸傷,導致老農夫沒辦法照顧農場。農場裡生氣的作物們 決定推派三位勇者,去打倒猴子。但其實猴子已經攏絡其他壞蛋,正在密謀更邪惡的計畫…

★【APP STAR of Taiwan super champion】★

《Hami Farm》(Fruit Heroes series), obtained APP STAR of Taiwan 2011. We have a more advanced《Fruit Heroes》for downloading.New year version released. Year Dragon stage added!

An aged farmer was teased by monkeys while he is on his way to buy fertilizer...those monkeys hit the aged farmer by throwing coconut, it leads to that the aged farmer can not take care of his farm. Those angry crops have decided to choose 3 bravers to beat monkeys. However, other bad guys have been roped in by monkeys to conspire an eviler plan...

Tips on screen to keep crops away from the hits of rocks. If you have fortune, you can bounce rocks back to monkeys to give them a moral.

※Tip on screen to draw lines, knick out those monsters by calculating rock bounce angles.
※You can purchase equipments by earned points! The more equipments you have, the easier you can pass the challenges.
※The more challenges you pass, the more challenges will come to you. There are more inconceivable enemies beside monkeys will come to you!