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Ambush at Exelon

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Action
  • Arcade
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You are a captain in the newly organized Earth Space Council (ESC). Your mission is to fly to the planet Exelon and investigate the disappearance of a trading vessel whose last report was from that sector. You are flying a retrofitted XQ-27 Samurai. At Exelon, you encounter Macedonian space pirates, who swarm to defend a mining vessel that is plundering the planet. You must destroy the enemy fighters and then find and destroy the mining vessel. The aging mining vessel is well armed and features an antiquated cloaking device that allows it to disappear for a few seconds.

You are outnumbered. But your ship is sleeker and faster than the enemy, who are less maneuverable and have weaker shields. Also, you have the element of surprise in your favor. Use your phasers and torpedos to destroy the enemy fighters. Use your mines to destroy the enemy mining vessel.

Good luck, Captain.