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Payoff Calc

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Finance
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Payoff Calc is a loan calculator that provides a unique comparison view of your loan balances before and after you apply additional principal payments, enabling you to easily compare the monthly time and cost savings at your fingertips.

If you have already made prepayments on your loan, Payoff Calc can show you the adjusted payoff date in addition to the savings and new payoff date for any subsequent extra payments that you make.

Fast and easy-to-use, you can use Payoff Calc for different types of fixed-rate loans, including mortgage, auto, credit card, student, etc. Instantly calculate the monthly payment, total payments, total interest, and payoff date. Simulate what-if scenarios to find out how much you can reduce on both the amount of interest you pay and the length of your loan with one-time and/or recurring additional principal payments.

The amortization table details each payment and shows you the date and number of remaining payments so that you know exactly how many payments you have left at any time. You can also email the loan results to yourself or share with others.


• User interface is clean and simple
• Large numeric keypad allows easy entry of values
• Shake-to-reset function lets you clear all values
• Last calculation is automatically saved so that loan information is available even after restarts
• All amounts are rounded to the nearest cent
• Extra Payment Options allows you to try out various payment scenarios to pay off your loan early and save money in interest
• Comparison Table displays the loan balance for each payment period based on the Original Schedule, Current Schedule (different from Original if extra payments were made in the past), and Current Schedule with Extra Payments (what-if scenarios) options
• Amortization Table displays each payment details, including payment amount, interest paid, principal paid, remaining balance, date, and the number of remaining payments
• Compounding Period option allows you to select different interest accrual periods
• Email option lets you export and email loan summary and tables