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New in version 1.0.1: Fixed problem on some devices when turning on the camera torch.

Be MAGE'd with iMAGE+!
iMAGE+ helps you making great pictures of yourself - by just erasing all the annoying factors of making self-portraits:
- No need to ask a stranger to take the picture
- You will always be the star of your picture - because the picture focuses on you!
- Great real high-res pictures from the iPhone's main camera.

Sophisticated face detection technology combined with the app's easy to learn steps to compose and perform great shots guarantee great results. You will never need another tool to make pictures of yourself!

*** Shoot spontaneous snapshots with your friends ***
Ever wanted to make a quick photo of you and your friends having fun? No problem with iMAGE+

*** Create unique compositions ***
You are alone on vacation and want a memory with you and a breathtaking building beside you? iMAGE+ lets you compose a motif using the iPhone 4's front camera and then guides your hand to find the right perspective with the main camera.

*** Make yourself look professional ***
Need a new picture for your next business application? You want your face in the upper half so that new suit will show off? iMAGE+ makes sure of it.

- I cannot find the motif / No picture is taken
+ When trying for the first time, select a motif with your face in the center of the screen. This position is easier to find until you get the hang of it (then your face can be anywhere in the screen as long as the stamp icon is visible on your forehead). Accept the motif by touching the screen and turn the iPhone so that you are looking on it's back. Try to not move too much while doing so. Then tilt the iPhone in your hand very gently to look for the right angle (a beeping sound indicates that you are getting close). The first vibration tells you that the position is right. Stand still until the iPhone vibrates for the second time. Now the photo has been taken.

- I do not hear any sound when looking for the motif.
+ Sound output is deactivated when your iPhone is set to vibration.

- The image has been taken but I cannot find it in my iPhone.
+ After the image has been taken you will see the standby icon indicating that the iPhone is busy saving the picture. Do not quit the app while the standby icon is visible or the picture will not be saved.

- It's too dark / The front camera does not find my face
+ No problem. Just accept the motif even if no face is detected. This will switch the app into default mode where it will look for your face in the center of the screen. The torch on the backside of the iPhone will light your face so that the picture can be taken even in dark places.

- Why not just using the front camera to make pictures of yourself?
+ You're totally right: As long as you are satisfied with the low resolution of pictures made by the front camera, you do not need the help of iMAGE+.
But if you would like your images to be memories for your image catalogue or even for printing, iMAGE+ will produce pictures in the resolution you deserve. Look at the results on a computer monitor, TV or printout - you will see the difference!

- iMAGE+ behaves strangely or crashes
+ The feedback of many customers shows that iMAGE+ runs very stable on iPhone 4 devices. In the rare cases of reported crashes, closing some apps running in the background fixed the problem.


iMAGE+ only runs on iPhone 4 devices.

Application includes face detection routines by third party. Third party disclaimer:
Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, Intel Corporation, all rights reserved.
Third party copyrights are property of their respective owners.