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A Few Words HD

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A Few Words is a word game challenging you to create as many four, five and six letter words as you can before you run out of letters. You have all of the 26 letters and each letter can be used twice. When a letter is no longer available it will be removed from the keyboard. Scoring is based on the length of the word so a six letter word is worth more than two words with four letters.

Any valid word from four to six letters is worth points calculated by the number of letters in the word; a six letter word is worth more than two four letter words! A misspelling or bogus word is not worth any points and the letters used in such a word will no longer be available. Sounds easy, eh? Here's a hint; use six letter words with seldom used letters for your first words and use the Dictionary button to find words.

You can keep track of your progress with the saved high scores.