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After the iPad, now for Iphone
We are in 2011 AD. The whole of the Teutoburg forest is occupied by
The whole Teutoburg Forest? No! A small german city populated by an
indomitable hamster never ceases to resist the invaders:

This small german city is Bielefeld! For some people this small german
city does not exist... For others it is the smallest metropolis in the
Here fights the little hamster Schilp against the squirrel invaders.
His cheek pouches filled with the courage and the spirit of Hermann
the Cherusci.

Help Schilp and protect him against his personal "Squirrel Harbor".

Use your "scary finger" to chase away the invaders. And at the end of
the year protect Schlips well-deserved hibernation.

Because if the squirrels ring the "Squirrls Bells" even the deepest
winter hibernation is over.

GO: Protect his nuts.

"With Squirrel Harbor fake fish made the most exciting game about
squirrels and hamsters" - Schilp

"Wow, I thought I am the only one who can fight great battles in the
Teutoburg Forest ..." - Arminius

"Squirrel Harbor?? Never heard of it! Where did they get this number
at all ...." - O.b.L.

Squirrel Harbor:
# 1 USA
# 1 Japan
# 1 Taka-Tuka-Land