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Photomator is an awesome app for iPhone, iPad 2, and iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment, but with more detail than a photo? Photomator will take pictures over a few seconds and turn them into an animated GIF. You can easily share your moments using Twitter, Facebook or simply email them!

Apples beautiful iOS devices mean that, where once we carried a bagful of devices around with us to measure and record our world, now we need only carry a single small device in our pocket that performs all those functions.

Does that mean, though, that the intrinsic joy of hardware designed and focused on a single purpose is gone from our lives?

Not at all. Where the iPhone triumphs is that it disappears from attention when you are running an app and pours your focus on the interface of that application.
It becomes the “everymachine". It’s ego-less and allows the device to become that single purpose thing for as long as it’s needed.

How best then, to realize this amazing potential?
By working hard to create a UI that both levers the dynamic touch interface but also pays homage to the work and effort expended by countless industrial designers to ensure that the products in our hands do exactly what we expect.

Photomators UI tips its hat to the laser-focus of Dieter Rams calculator, the modern aesthetic of Kenneth Granges classic 1970’s Kodak instamatic cameras and Sir Clive Sinclairs timeless ZX-81 personal computer.

The hope is that just one drop of the emotion that these fine products stirred in many peoples hearts finds it way into the pixels of your iPhones screen.

Photomator gives you complete control over how you capture: you set a capture rate, number of frames, and how fast the playback rate should be. You can even choose from auto or manual - auto takes the photos based on your settings, or, for more control, manual lets you choose when to capture a frame.
To make sure you always get the most of Photomator, there is a help section to get you on your way.

Note: Requires a device with a camera