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2012 iMaya (countdown)

iPhone / iPad
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★★★★★ 2012 iMaya (countdown) ★★★★★

This application will show a countdown to December 21, 2012 that according to the Mayan calendar will be the day when the world will be shocked by some catastrophe. Many even say that 12/21/2012 is the date of the "end of the world."

IMaya 2012 is set with a countdown that can be set in various ways, for example, you can know how many months and days and hours and minutes and seconds are missing at the "end of the world" ... or also how many days or even hours, minutes and seconds, and so on until you get to the countdown done only by seconds!

IMaya 2012 is one of those applications that "never stand still", you will see in fact that there will always be an alternation between day and night, complete with a "smooth transition" between daylight and darkness of the night.
You will see the sun move around the screen and then disappear and leave space to the moon and its light.
You will see some beautiful falling stars and meteors whiz for a moment between the starry sky and then disappear from sight ...
An application alive!

In addition you will have 9 alarms that you can configure with some "music themes"

And since many argue that the "end of the world" predicted by the Maya will be caused by the sun and its x-ray you will find a section dedicated entirely to solar activity with lots of sample images and reports in real time.

A really nice gadget you can show to all your friends and amaze them!

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☞ Countdown to December 21, 2012 Configurable in 5 different ways:
✏ Countdown: Months - Days - Hours - Minutes - Seconds
✏ Countdown: Days - Hours - Minutes - Seconds
✏ Countdown: Hours - Minutes - Seconds
✏ Countdown: Minutes - Seconds
✏ Countdown: Seconds

☞ alternation between day and night according to the time of the phone
☞ Sun and the Moon moving in the sky, rise ... move ... and disappear ...
☞ fleeting apparitions of meteors or falling stars passing close to the earth and then disappearing into the darkness of the night ....
☞ 9 simultaneous alarms with the possibility to choose the music theme.
☞ A section dedicated to solar activity with images and reports in real time
☞ 3 Languages: English, Spanish and Italian