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Do I Have Depression? (HD)

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★★★★★ USAGE DIRECTIONS: Use application once per week, for six contiguous weeks, making note of each week's results.

✓ The “Do I Have Depression?” application is a carefully tuned psychological questionnaire and analysis system for non-medical use only.

✓ Usage of this application on a sustained basis, when paired with proper note-taking, will shed light on self-diagnosed feelings of sadness, sorrow, worry, guilt, and hopelessness.

✓ This is a comprehensive self-test application, however it is not a medical device, and does not replace nor is it a substitute for psychological therapy or drug therapy.

When launched, the application asks the user a set of interrelated questions based on a rubric developed by clinical professionals, on topics ranging from sleep disturbance, mood destabilization and interpersonal relationships, to eating habits, work productivity, and more.

Many people suffer symptoms of depression, yet often these people are unaware of the implications of their symptoms. By using the “Do I Have Depression?” App, users whom the application identifies as being at risk for depression may be prompted to seek further evaluation and treatment. Although outcome of the application is not a diagnosis, the results may be useful for both interpersonal relationships and practical self-knowledge.