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Art of Audio Recording - From Demo to Master

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In this extraordinary video documentary tutorial witness top UK producer, Greg Haver, as he transforms a rough demo song into a final release-ready master...

You’ve got a song. You’ve made a demo. Now, how do turn it into a hit? This tutorial will show you the inner workings of producing a hit song!

“From Demo To Master” is a journey. It begins with the demo song Sunny Afternoon by the band Dirty Goods from Newport, Wales. Enter top UK record producer Greg Haver with his hundreds of records with top British artists like The Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C, The Lostprophets and Bullet For My Valentine. Put Greg and the band together for a marathon, multi-day, lockout session at Modern World Studios and watch them re-record all the parts, track by track, under Greg’s watchful eyes and golden ears!

(Included in this tutorial is the ability to download excerpts of the song in as it appears in its different stages of production! If you’re a MPV downloader or subscriber you’ll find the link "Sample Tracks" at the top of this page below the Release Date!

Be at Greg’s side, as he produces the band in this one-of-a-kind audio recording documentary. You'll witness the creative process and get priceless audio recording tips as you benefit from Mr. Haver’s unparalleled recording industry experience. You'll get inside a top producer’s head, as he explains why he makes his massively important song-enhancing decisions.

From Demo To Master takes you step by step from the initial demo, the re-tracking, the mixing and the mastering by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sounds in NYC and finally back to Modern World Studios in the UK for a final listen and comparative analysis that will blow you away!

So if you’ve always wanted to sit in on a session with an experienced record producer and learn his audio secrets. this fact-filled tutorial will surely fill that need!

Table of Contents:

1. Prologue
2. Listening To The Demo
3. Discussing Sonic Images
4. Pre Production
5. Tracking Drums - Part 1
6. Tracking Drums - Part 2
7. Adding Drum Machines
8. Adding Percussion
9. Tracking The Bass
10. Tracking The Keyboards
11. Tracking The Guitars - Part 1
12. Tracking The Guitars - Part 2
13. Tracking The Guitars - Part 3
14. Tracking The Vocals
15. Comping The Vocals
16. Tracking Backing Vocals
17. The Mix - Part 1
18. The Mix - Part 2
19. The Mix - Part 3
20. The Mix - Part 4
21. The Mix - Part 5
22. Listening To The Final Mix - Part 1
23. Listening To The Final Mix - Part 2
24. Listening To The Final Mix - Part 3
25. The Master
26. Listening To The Demo, The Mix & The Master
27. Outro