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iTouchStats Football

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Looking for an easy way to keep detailed, professional level football stats? Look no further! Try iTouchStats Football & you will be able to keep stats for 2 games for free. This allows you to review the program & check out all of the cool features before spending a dime. Try it now, you have nothing to lose!

iTouchStats Football is an easy-to-use, powerful stat-tracker for football. Keep real-time stats for your favorite teams and players. Create team or player reports for games and seasons that can be easily viewed and shared. Post game scores on Facebook or Twitter for friends and family who were unable to attend the game.

Stat Keeping Options
▸ Choose between tracking a team’s individual player’s statistics or only the team’s statistics for each team independently.
▸ 6,8,9 player options now added: Choose between the traditional 100 yard field or 80 yard field, with the ability to change the amount of yards needed for a first down.
▸ When tracking individual player’s statistics, set up 4 offensive “Quick Players”, to make the stat tracking easier.

Detailed Stats List (Track over 70 different stats)
▸ Passing – completions, attempts, %, total yards, average yards per pass, longest pass, touchdowns, 2-pt conversions, interceptions, sacks, yards lost from sacks, quarterback rating
▸ Rushing – attempts, total yards, average yards per carry, longest carry, touchdowns, 2 pt conversions
▸ Fumbles – total fumbles, lost fumbles
▸ Receiving – receptions, attempts, total yards, average yards per reception, longest reception, touchdowns, 2-pt conversions
▸ Field Goals – field goals made, attempts, %, average yards, longest kick, blocks
▸ Extra Points – extra point after touchdown, attempts, %, blocks
▸ Kick Returns – total returns, yards, average return, longest return, touchdowns, fair catches
▸ Punt Returns – total returns, yards, average return, longest return, touchdowns, fair catches
▸ Kicking – total kicks, yards, average yards per kick, touchbacks
▸ Punting – total punts, yards, average yards per punt, longest punt, touchbacks, fair catches
▸ Defense – tackles, assists, sacks, safety, forced fumbles, fumble recovery & return, interceptions & return
▸ Team Stats – offensive penalties & yards lost, defensive penalties & yards lost, 3rd down conversions, 4th down conversions, total time of possession during the game

User Interface
▸ Track and plot field plays on interactive football field diagram.
▸ View the Play-By-Play Drive Viewer that shows the plotted plays.
▸ Keep stats using customizable home or away jerseys or player photos.
▸ Intuitive interface lets you input stats for players by entering a jersey number, using the Quick Player option, or the Player Picker making it easy to track all players’ stats even on large roster teams.
▸ Displays current drive statistics – time of possession, total running plays/yards, total passing plays/yards as well as the plotted locations of each play.
▸ Easy editing previous plays.

PDF Reports
Detailed PDF reports for game and season stats for a team or a player can be easily generated to view, print, save, and share.

Create Game Rules
iTouchStats Football provides game rules for high school, college, and professional, but custom game rules can be created. This ensures the appropriate period time, kickoff yardline, extra point yardline, etc. are used while keeping game stats.