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This is a famous Japanese training method of calculation.

Japanese children have a lot of that practice in this way, they can calculate quickly and accurately. Please finish within 5 minutes.

The target is for children from age 6 to 10 years.

It's very effective to do once a day. By continuing this training, increasing concentration.

Please choose the type of computation and problem numbers at the bottom. (If you choose not to do anything is the first sum of the computation.)

Then please touch a "start" button. Then, the problem appears. Touch the square in the screen that appears below the keyboard for entering numbers. Please enter your answers using the keyboard. (At that time, please use the US keyboard. )

Please don't use the return key on the keyboard. When you want to enter next square, please touch the square each time. Any square can be entered freely.

When you're done, please touch of a "finished" button. Then, displayed the time. It is scored when touching a "score" button. If you have a mistake the answer will change to orange.

Re-enter the right answer to the wrong square, you press the "score" button "excellent" appears.

When you select another problem, please turn off the keyboard once. You can select the types of calculations and computational problems in that state.