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Speak Business English II for iPad

  • Business
  • Education
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"***** The best app out there for improving your business English!"

This app will help you master 200 of today's most common American English business expressions and idioms. If you liked the Speak Business English I app, you're going to love this one too! It teaches you a whole different set of expressions.

The 15 lessons in this app feature topics including: promoting an employee, firing somebody, conducting a performance review, politely disagreeing with someone, and much more.

Listen to 8 native speakers read the conversations aloud. Play the dialogues all at once or listen line by line. The record feature lets you record yourself reading the text. Then you can play it back and compare yourself with the native speakers on the app.

Interactive quizzes let you check your new knowledge.

Master expressions like: between a rock and a hard place, save a bundle, run a tight ship, shape up or ship out, out of the loop, take the cake, and hundreds more. This app gives you lots of bang for your buck!