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How The World Meets It's End —Essays on Eschatology

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2011 March 11th was the day that the enormous earthquake and tsunami fell upon the face of east Japan, resulting in what inarguably would be called a disaster. The contradiction and anxiety that Natsuki Ikezawa felt between the nuclear power plant and the affiliates upon visiting “Toukai Mura”about 20 years ago, had turned into reality.

The never ending nuclear problems, the extinction of ethnic races and species, the retro virus known as aids, floods, the spread of desertification, and the North-South problems—
Akutagawa Award recipient novelist, Natsuki Ikezawa tackles such problems with his astounding knowledge and takes us deep into his mind, and reveals his thoughts in this concluding debate.
The electronic edition has been revived and released for the modern people of Japan as a “must read” book to get through the ever changing society. Other features in this edition include pictures taken by Hatakeyama Naoya,-A photographer original from Rikuzentakata-city which was affected tremendously from the earthquake- and a commentary from the author himself. This work has certainly turned out to be apt as a new content that leads its way into the new century.

Natsuki Ikezawa

Novelist, Critic, Poet.
Some knowledge of science, fluent in English and modern Greek.

Born in 1945, in Hokkaido, Japan.
Studied physics in Saitama University.
Began to write poems at the age of twenty-seven, besides travelling far and wide.
At the age of thirty, he moved to Greece and lived there for three years.
Began to write novels at the age of thirty-five.
Awarded Akutagawa-Prize for a novella "Still Life" in 1987.
Recieved Tanizaki's Award for "The fall of Macias Guili", in 1993, a full size novel in the line of magic realism, a story of a dictator in an imaginally pacific island-state.
Until now have published three books of poetry, many novels, some books of short stories, and criticisms, essays and travel books.
As a novelist and thinker, main concerns are: relationship between man and nature, revisioning of modern western civilization and it's influence to the other area, limit of technology, and the value of traditional way of life in the so-called developping countries.

Naoya Hatakeyama

1958 Born in Iwate,Japan.
1981 Graduated from The University of Tsukuba, School of Art and Design.
1984 Completed postgraduate studies at The University of Tsukuba.
1996 Resident Artist in Djerassi Resident Artists Program, CA, USA
1997 Received the 22nd Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award.
2000 Received the 16th Higashikawa Domestic Photographer Prize.
2001 Received the 42nd Mainishi Award of Art.
2001 Resident Artist in Light Xchange, Milton Keynes, UK.
2001 Presented Japan at The 49th Venice Biennale of Art(with Masato Nakamura, Yukio Fujimoto)
2003 Received the Photographer of the year Award from The Photographic Society of Japan.

Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.