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goalGetter - Financial goal planner

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How it Works:

Imagine the future you want as goalGetter helps you realize the savings needed to fund it.

★ Input how much savings you currently own
★ Select life goals from the options provided
★ Choose how much you would like to spend on each of those goals
★ Watch your savings cover or fall short of your goal’s costs
★ If you do not have enough savings to fulfill your bucket list, than goalGetter will let you know how much additional monthly savings are needed in order to accomplish all wanted goals
★ Succeed at getting the things that you want out of life!

Dream Big!

goalGetter comes equipped with several life accomplishment options that you can choose from to craft your future. Several graphically stunning icons lets you plan
★ Retirement hobbies and dreams
★ Buying different land and home properties
★ Selecting varying types of vehicles you would like to own
★ Different education option from private school to medical school
★ Life milestones such as weddings and planning the birth of a child
★ Vacations on land and sea
★ Miscellaneous costs and charitable gifts

Target your goals and get them!

goalGetter was designed to help you visualize the importance of saving and planning appropriately to achieve your lifetime financial goals.
★ Realize what you want out of your future by exploring the different goal icons
★ Have a target amount to save embedded into your brain to achieve all you want
★ Plan your years accordingly to your goals
★ Save monthly based on the target amount you’ve selected
★ Watch your dreams unfold as you appropriately prepare for them!
★ Enjoy creating different future scenarios
★ Share with loved ones and discuss your future plans together!


★ Ability to share your goals via email so you can discuss results
★ Numerous beautifully created icons that match to your bucket list wants
★ Provides needed information of how much savings is necessary to meet goals
★ Allows you to change the monthly savings amount to your needs
★ Allows you to change the percentage growth of your savings to reflect current situation
★ Easy to use tool that provides a better perspective on planning and savings
★ Encourages you to plan (dreams, goals) with fun interactivity
★ goalGetter makes the task of planning enjoyable!

goalGetter was brought to you by ASI