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Thrifty agent

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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This is a Japanese-style petty cash book !!

You will manage the purse balance or money are made.

On second thought, I think that at present we can not do the balance of money management?

Just the thought of managing a budget in mind is difficult.

"Thrifty agent" should be such a strong ally who can help you.

Frugal and stingy people are created equal, I do not break away from preconceived notions?

At least the contents of the purse, I think at a value determined by people's spending habits?

Your order to buy time to relax, Please try using the "Thrifty agent".

It is a purely Japanese-style petty cash book, but is the simple application that can manage the money of the wallet briefly without taking the trouble.

Please use it willingly without being reluctant to do it. (^^)/

The income and expenditure management in your wallet should be done if I notice.

*** Recommended for people who like to apply to the following topics:

1.Once a month is a rich man dreams of mood.

2.But there are things to buy, who do not save money.

3.Every month, people with money do not remember what.

4.Two days before payday, who will not eat lunch.

5.When people do not have enough money at the end of month, people ask my wife.

*** Amount is up to two decimal places.

*** Description of the screens and functions

--"Expenditure" Screen

Enter the amount you use.

--"Balance" Screen

Displays the amount of balance right now. The balance amount will change the image. (* ^ ^ ) /

--"Income" Screen

The screen to enter the deposit amount.

--"Reports" Screen

Daily summary or in the aggregate categories, the aggregate amount displayed.

--"Setting" Screen

Category correction

You can add new categories, modify or delete can be done.

Ability to change the start date set

Set the start date of the summary period.

Aggregate pattern setting function Display

It is screen display pattern change setting in the count according to the day and the count according to the category.

Password Settings

Sets the password


Display the information screen.