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Supermarket Classroom

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“You can teach a kid just as much in a grocery store as you can in a museum… maybe more.” -- Steven D. Levitt, from Freakonomics (the movie)

Supermarket Classroom is an app that provides fun and educational activities for your child (pre-school through second grade) while you’re shopping at the supermarket.

The Supermarket Classroom approach was developed by two leading educators (and mothers). The activities included in this app have been tested extensively with children and were designed because we were looking for a way to make the shopping experience educational and interesting for our children.

Who should use this app?

You, if you are a parent, grandparent, older brother or sister, nanny, babysitter, or child care provider who shops in a food market with a child from 2 to 7 years old and wants to give the child a “head start” on thinking and learning.

You, if you want to turn grocery shopping with kids into a hassle-free, tantrum-free experience.

You, if you want to keep your kids’ minds on active learning instead of junk food while you shop.

Why should you use this app?

To discover 50 easy ways to stimulate a pre- or early schooler’s thinking, language and number skills while you do your household shopping. Hands-on activities in this app turn shopping time into quality learning time.

When should you use this app?

Whenever you and your child are in a supermarket, and when you are at home unpacking your groceries.

About the authors:
Arlene J. Novich, M.A., M.S., is an experienced elementary school teacher who has taught Special Education for 30 years and worked extensively with children with learning disabilities. She has also taught ESL and GED classes for y years. She has raised three children.

Phyllis Fahrie Edelson, M.A., PhD., is a retired college professor of English who has edited Australian Literature: An Anthology From the Land Down Under (Balantine Books). She specializes in Critical Thinking and Language Arts and designed a five year, grant-funded curriculum to instruct teachers in teaching critical thinking skills. She has raised three children and now has three grandchildren.