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e-Millions is an iPhone application allowing you to manage your played grids to the EuroMillions international European lottery game. It doesn’t allows yow however to play directly online.
This iPhone application aims to be easy to use but powerful, because it has been conceived as well as for the occasional players than for the regular ones. It also allows you to display the amounts in your local currency.

- Check how much you’ve won:
. You can check the draws, updated as soon as available, and you can display up to the latest 20 draws.
. You’ll be then able to see how much you’ve won for your recorded grids.

- Manage your grids:
. At any moment you’ll be able to quickly see all your grids status (up to 30 grids), their subscriptions progress, how much you’ve won per grid and finally the total amount you’ve won including all the grids.

- Check your numbers:
. You’ll be able to check your numbers as a real grid. You can check 5 numbers + 2 stars to made a standard grid, or do multi-grids by checking up to 11 number or 11 stars, according to your local country lottery provider regulations.
. Your bet amount will be automatically updated showing you how much it will cost to play your chosen grid, according to the number of checked numbers and subscriptions.
. You can also customize the name of your grid by simply pushing on it with your finger.

- Draws statistics:
. You’ll be able to see the statistics of your selected numbers: have they already won? When? How many times? …

- Automatically generate your grids:
If you’re out of inspiration to choose your numbers, you can use one of our available generators, allowing you to choose at your place following the criteria that seems important to you:
. Prophet*: Search algorithm allowing you to define your own searching parameters to get the combination nearest to your personal believes regarding the statistics of previous draws (you’ll find more information about that on the official web site below)
. Random: Your numbers are chosen completely random;
. Les often: Pick up the numbers that have been drawn the lowest times;
. The less recent: Pick up the numbers that have been never drawn or drawn the farthest ago;

- Subscriptions:
Of course you can manage your grid’s subscriptions, play again the same grid to next draw or not.
The “auto renew” option will allow you to “let your subscriptions live alone” because they will be renewed automatically each time they have expired. The application will warn you about that to let you validate it again into your local official lottery provider.

*WARNING: The preset names of the “Prophet” generator are only indicative regarding statistics on previous draws. It can be then only coincidences. Those names does not represent any warranty of matching results or winning sum. Neither A-Zervices nor the creator of this application could be considered as responsible of an unexpected imagined result by the user.

Please, if you have some questions or comments for the authors, contact us directly through our web site here below. Better than asking questions or comments as reviews here where the authors are not able to answer just because this function does not exist into iTunes & AppStore. Thank you.