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Shark Lite for iPad

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"Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water".

Due to popular demand we have a created a special iPad version of the highly ranked 'Shark +' for the iPhone.

Shark + brings all the 'Lite' versions of the game into one place. Shark Lite v1.0 ranks in the top 50 in five different countries and is still on the rise.

We have added three extra game modes in Shark + to the Arcade mode featured in Shark Lite. You can play 'Arcade', 'Catch m All', 'Shark Attack' and 'Crazy Fishing'. Each mode with its very addictive gameplay requires different skill and technique to obtain that high score to beat your friends.


Arcade Mode - Survival is the key as you gain points for each second you stay alive and not get eaten by the Sharks. Gain bonus points for collecting fish along the way and as you progress through the levels the sharks get faster and the fish are left frequent.

Catch'm All - As the title says, you must catch them all as they swim past. Let even one little fish past and its game over. Be careful because as you start catching them, more will try and pass making it very difficult to secure them all.

Shark Attack - The Sharks are out in numbers to try and get you. See how long you can survive swimming around before one shark eventually gets you. Sharks will group together to stop you so be aware.

Crazy Fishing - You have 60 seconds to catch as many fish as possible. It doesn't matter if you miss any but the more you catch the better the score.

"This is one the most addictive games on the App Store".

Hope you enjoy the game and please leave your reviews and feedback for future updates.

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