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iWavit Westinghouse

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This app turns the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad into an IR/RF remote for controlling a Westinghouse LCD TV. The app requires the Apple-certified iWavit hardware accessory for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPod. It will NOT work without it! See for more details.

To be specific, the "iWavit West" app emulates an IR Remote for controlling Westinghouse LCD TV LD3235 and LD4655VX, although it will also control many other Westinghouse LCD TVs. Also, since all buttons are reprogrammable with the iWavit Basic IR learning attachment, you can use it as template for controlling other IR controllable devices.

This app is a "Virtual Remote". The layout of the buttons is similar to the remote that ships with Westinghouse TV. Swipe left-right between 4 screens to get to other buttons.

There are a few notable benefits of iWavit Virtual Remotes over traditional remotes:

1. Buttons are large, easy to hit, and well lit.
2. ALL your remotes can now be inside your iPhone, without adding to the remote control clutter in your living room.
3. You can use the (optional) USB Dongle & IR Lightbar as a wireless IR Extender. This means you can be upstairs and still control your TV downstairs. The RF range is over 300 ft.

When you press the buttons on the iWavit Westinghouse app, IR signals will be emitted from the front of the iWavit Basic Attachment. You will be able to use this app much as you would a regular Westinghouse TV IR Remote.

It is also possible to use the (optional) iWavit IR Lightbar and USB dongle. These are included in the iWavit Premium and the BLUETOOTH Smart iWavit Blast! product bundles. The iWavit USB dongle will automatically configure itself to act like a RF-to-IR Extender when you plug it into any USB port . (Note: You do not need to have WiFi or worry about network passwords at all).

We should point out that the IR Lightbar is a very powerful IR blaster with 6 LEDs. This means that the Westinghouse TV does not even have to be in direct line of sight to the IR Lightbar because the Lightbar will light up the room with invisible IR signals when it blasts. So now you will still be able to control your TV by simply leaning back in your couch and press any button without even pointing the remote.

The "iWavit Westinghouse" app is part of a family of iWavit Virtual Remotes for Major-Brand electronic devices. For those who wish to create their own custom Remote Controls, we have created the Ultimate Remote Control app called "Tabula Rasa." With this app you can create remotes, download remotes, upload remotes to share them, search our IR Remote Library or learn IR codes directly from your old IR remotes. You can even create macros for embedding multiple functions inside a single button. You can also use the app to control computers using USB Keyboard strokes or through the patented DirectPointing air-mouse technology built into the iWavit.

Westinghouse is a trademark of Westinghouse Licensing. This app, iWavit, and ThinkOptics are not affiliated with Westinghouse.