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TU Bakkenrace

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‘TU Bakkenrace’ (tub race) from Technische Unie
Delivering a green tub filled with products as quickly as possible from start to finish is at the heart of the game. The game is inspired by the transport tracks in the Technische Unie distribution centre, where around 60,000 order lines are handled every day. Your challenge is to keep the green tub filled with products on the track by steering it from your iPad. To choose the shortest route you can take whichever bends you want. And with the speed control (at the right on the display) you can accelerate your tub on its way from start to finish. At the same time, you have to avoid crashing into the other empty tubs by skilful steering and speed control. The game has three levels, each of which demands skill, concentration and most of all good coordination to send the tub in the right direction at every point on the transport track. While you’re also keeping an eye on the other tubs in the game. Technische Unie wishes you lots of fun with the ‘TU Bakkenrace’ (tub race)!
Level 1
Your tub filled with products is the only one in the game. It’s your task to guide it as quickly and precisely as possible along the transport track. So at this level you can concentre totally on that challenge. To pass this level you have to make sure your tub doesn’t go off the track. But if you’re successful, then you’ll stay on the track and your time is recorded when you pass the finish line. You can constantly see both your best time and your current time, so whatever your level you can always try to beat your own top score.
Level 2
In the second level there are two other green tubs on the track, as well as your own. So you’ll need not only good steering and speed control, but you’ll also have to keep a close eye on what the other tubs in the game are doing to avoid a crash.
Level 3
The third level adds a red tub carrying a bomb to the three green tubs that are already on the track. And this red tub keeps popping up at different places in the game. After the red tub appears, you’ll see the fuse burning until the tub explodes. You’ll be out of the game if you crash into the red tub, but also if you’re near to the red tub when it explodes.