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World History Games

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Fast-action arcade games, intriguing puzzles, and interactive word games make learning World History quick and easy. Through gaming, MS and HS students have fun while learning. World History buffs, meanwhile, can test themselves to find out how much they really know about our world’s past. Teachers can use these games to motivate their students and provide essential background knowledge before starting a lesson.

More than 100 different games cover dozens of topics, such as Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity, The Muslim World, Spread of Civilizations in East Asia, Kingdoms and Trading States of Africa, The Industrial Revolution, World War II and its Aftermath, and more.

“Whacky History”: In this fast-paced arcade game, a variety of historical figures race around the screen. You must quickly read a primary source, decide who said it, and whack away. But be careful to whack wisely. Incorrect whacks are costly.

“Clues to the Past”: In this game, you must decipher the cryptic clues and choose the correct letters to discover essential questions of World History.

“History Hunter”: In this dizzying game, words move rapidly across the screen. Suddenly, an historical statement appears, but a key word is missing. Hunt for the missing word, quickly, before the next challenging statement appears.

“Say What?”: In this word jumble game, you read a primary source from an important person or group. But a key word is missing. Race against time to solve the word jumble and find the missing word.

•More than 100 different games
•Puzzles, word games, and fast-action arcade games
•Bonus games to help students review their knowledge
•Dozens of topics covering all of World History
•Primary sources representing multiple points of view
•Profiles of important people in World History
•Introduction to essential questions and knowledge of World History
•Multiple levels of difficulty

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