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Jumping Shleep: Spin around

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Can’t you get to sleep? Don’t you want really go to rest, but you have to wake up tomorrow morning for school or office? Do the pills make any effect on your sleep? Are you DESPERATE for a less cumbersome way to quickly fall asleep?

“Jumping Shleep” is the application that Online Studio Productions brings you! With it you can have (as in real dreams) entertaining jumping sheep, which will jump while touring a small sphere that matches the one you choose.

You will see in less than a jiffy, you’ll surrender to the sleep and the sheep will lead you to the arms of Morpheus as fast as their little legs jump.

- Full color application, compatible with any iPhone.
- Scenario, background music and animated characters to help you fight against your terrible lack of sleep.
- Choose between one of the 5 sheep that brings the application: Shleep, Bones, Music Cover, Candy Addict and Baseball Fan. Once you choose, the sheep start to run around its world (5 different worlds, one for each sheep).

Enjoy and recommend to others this exciting new application on your indispensable favorite iOS device!

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