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The myNFP App is an indispensable tool for women who want to conceive a baby or for those, who want to use non-hormonal methods for birth control.
In both cases it is important to know: When are you infertile and what are the fertile days of your menstrual cycle?
You can get the answers to these questions by evaluating and charting your menstrual cycles with the Symptothermal Method - a Natural Family Planning (sometimes called Fertility Awareness or FAM) method that has a particularly high Pearl Index.
You enter your menstrual cycle's data, the app takes care of the evaluation - simple as that.

The myNFP App has many advantages for charting your menstrual cycle:

* Individual settings for both, birth control and conception.
* Complete freedom for entering your data - data can also be entered for future days, which is not possible in some other charting apps
* Automatic evaluation of your cycle according to the Symptothermal Method
* Manual evaluation of your menstrual cycle
* Intuitive user interface
* You can enter data for your temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), quality of cervical mucus, cervix position and softness, and also for frequency of intercourse, medication, interferences and your own notes (everything you want to keep track of)
* User-friendly and easy to read cycle charts
* The app shows you fertile and infertile days and marks days when you are particularly fertile
* Forecasting for the beginning of your next menstrual cycle
* Calculates the date of delivery, if you are likely to be pregnant
* Import/export of cycles to and from the online platform of myNFP
* Lock-screen to avoid access by other people
* Send cycle charts as PDF to your email address to store or print them later

In addition, our website provides more information about the Symptothermal Method and Natural Family Planning in general.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via our website.

Important note for users using a Fahrenheit temperature scale, please read before you buy:
* The myNFP App supports both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit temperature scale, but it is optimized for the use of the Celsius scale.
* Temperature values are rounded to the next 0.05°C step, which results in 0.09°F roundings in Fahrenheit. For example: 36.50°C, 36.55°C, 36.60°C, 36.65°C whereas the temperature in Fahrenheit looks as follows: 97.70°F, 97.79°F, 98.88°F, 98.97°F etc.
So please don’t wonder, if temperature values are rounded for you in a way that feels strange to you at first. It does make sense.

Note for iPad users:
The myNFP App works in compatibility mode on the iPad. The screen is not optimized for the iPad but only for the iPhone screen size.

Swipe with TWO fingers to scroll the cycle chart horizontally!