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VAB Assistance

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Automobile association VAB wants to make things as easy as possible with this free application VAB Support for our breakdown an travel assistance. VAB wants to fully protect your mobility and enjoyment during your vacation. When you break down or have an accident, in Belgium or abroad, you naturally want to be assisted as quickly as possible. Moreover, all our VAB patrol members are also ready to repair your bicycle (in Belgium and Netherlands) or scooter (in the Benelux) if you break down. At the press of a button, wherever there is mobile phone coverage you will be able to contact VAB at any time. VAB will immediately have all your information (who you are, where you are, etc) available to get you back on the road quickly and smoothly. The manner in which you will be assisted depends on the guarantees included in your contract.

To get the best out of the application when in Belgium, permit the use of geolocation and make sure you are connected to the internet. To get the best out of the application when abroad, also activate your data roaming. Please note that this may incur additional charges!

We would greatly appreciate it if you shared your user experiences with us. By working together we can improve this application.