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dcStory Pro

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DCStory Pro for Ipad.

*** Testmonials -Dr.Ted Fields,Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery ***
These are the best graphics and animations that I have ever seen for any dental application. As a full time practicing dentist, I use this program for every consultation. There is no way to describe a dental problem or procedure more clearly than showing one of these animations. I didn`t realize how little patients actually understand and remember until I started using this program. It was like revelation for the patients as well! Every single day I have at least one person tell me that they have had root canals, implants, or other dental procedures, but never really understood the procedure until now. How could I compliment a communication tool any better than that? There are many additional program tools to customize the experience for each patient, and you can learn about these functions on their website. This program is literally the best new thing I`ve gotten in my office for the past several years. This is the patient education program I have wanted for years!

*** Testmonials - Josh Berd, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry (In the Article of The Progressive dentist Magazine)
DCStory`s stunning virtual animations of dental procedures will engage your patients, and so detailed, they can be used to train new procedures to your auxiliary staff.
DCStory`s vast collection of detailed animated movies spans the simplest procedures- oral hygiene techniquws-to the most complex-sinus lifts with implant placement.

DCStory for the iPad is an excellent new educational and motivational tool for counseling dental patients. DCStory allows a dentist to easily explain complex dental procedures and multi-step treatment plans so that patients understand and retain this information. This is all done in a very clear, high-quality, and professional format. This program allows the dentist or treatment plan coordinator to sit right next to the patient with the conveniently sized iPad and present direct, concise 3D animations. It also allows the dentist to narrate each animation using the dentist’s own style while customizing the message for each patient. The included X-Ray Plan module allows easy tab and touch functionality to select and move illustrated objects onto a patient x-ray. It also provides explanations of treatments and alternative treatments according to each patient’s dental needs. This information can easily be stored in individual patient folders for future use. You will finally have confidence that your patients really understand their choices and their treatment, while freeing up more of your time to care for your patients.

- Includes more than 250 high quality 3D animations and images.

- Increases patient trust and understanding.

- Educates patients in an intimate one-on-one setting.

- Easily create individual patient folders.

- Import patient photos, x-rays, medical history, and other patient information.

- Draw on actual patient photos, x-rays or DCStory images.

- Includes many illustrated ojects that can easily be overlayed on top of patient photos and x-rays to explain conditions that may not otherwise be clear to patients.

- Save drawings for future use.

- E-mail these images to patients so they can review this information at their convenience.

- Link Manager module helps streamline and organize animations for quick and easy retrieval.