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>Special day, sending the most special blessing to the most special person.
>What the most wanted to say are hidden in the stereogram only you two can read, for a big surprise.
>The contents you most wanted somebody to see, can be turned into a magical stereogram by Autostereogram-Maker, and can be saved in your album or send to somebody.
>Pay attention, at first glance, you just can't see anything in stereogram, needs reading intently, through a special viewing method, it immediately become into a three-dimensional window that you have put into a various kinds of goods, try it,:)

A practical method for watching stereogram:
Take the screen brightness down, place a finger or pen in front of the screen.
Observe its reflection in screen, Search its reflection around.
After a while you should be able to see the three-dimensional image.

1. When you create a stereogram contains large amounts of text, you should try to reduce "Depth Range" and "Image distance",there should not contain too many characters in the frame width of watching, otherwise it will lead to reading difficulties.
2. You should select the texture its content is complex and rich color changes, the random-dot texture generated by software can guarantee good imaging effect.
3. The height of texture determines the fine of image and the size of stereogram, also determines the creating time. If the texture height more than 1080 pixels, it will be adjusted to 1080 pixels in creating.
4. A pattern with a transition edge will form a better imaging effect.
5. If the midline position of the imaging is not good, you can try to choose the second Create-Mode.