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Personel Palettes

iPhone / iPad
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A Color Palette Application that is practical and useful for each and every one of you.
Finally, a simple tool to pick the perfect colors for your bedroom wall, a curtain fabric or your fashion wardrobe.

The genesis of this application came from a friend wanting to transfer their seasonal fabric color swatch on their iPhone so they didn’t have to carry around a clumsy collection of fabric samples. Some research revealed that every fashion designer worth their salt had their own seasonal color swatches, and they change them every year, so I need to build a generic tool that can quickly import any color swatch.

➢As many colors as you want in a Color Palette without limit.
➢As many color Palettes as you want without limit.
➢Preloaded with 4 seasonal color palettes.
➢Fills your display with a selected color.
➢Supports 5 color models. RGB,HSV,HSL,CMYK, and Gray scale.
➢Supports 3 different styles of color editor.
➢Supports choosing colors from an image, either from the camera or photo albums.
➢Emailing palettes to your friends and clients.
➢Designed for both iPhone and iPad.

It is not intended for designing new color palettes, it lacks the color blending tools for doing that efficiently, it is primarily for utilising an existing color palette.

If you form the opinion that it is a very simple and easy to use application, then I have achieved one of my goals.
My primary mission in writing Personnel Palettes was to flood your IPhone or IPad with a selected color, so that you can compare it fabrics and paints with it.

This is achieved by selecting a color and tapping in middle of your device, this will cause all the controls to disappear. Tapping a second time will bring them back.
Usage Scenarios
oYou want to select a dress in a fabric from your seasonal color palette, you take your iPhone dress shopping, you find the prefect dress, use your iPhone to double check the color is in your seasonal Palette.
oYou want a dress to match your shoes. Take a photo of the shoes, add the color to your favourite palette, and go dress find the prefect dress, use you iPhone to double check the color.
oYou need to match the existing paint on the bedroom wall. Take a photo of the wall, add the color to your favourite palette, use the color editor to find the color components. Go the Hardware store and order a matching paint. Use the Iphone to check the color match once it is made.
oYou are a fashion designer wanting to send a client a swatch of color options, you build a color palette from a image of the art work and email to your client who also has the application. They open the email attachment with the application, and they instantly have the color options on their iPhone/iPad.
Organization of Data.

The application is shamelessly modelled on the Mail application. Individual colors have replaced email messages and Color Palettes have replaced email folders.

There are two tiers to the simple data model:
1. Each color palette has a name, a description and a delete lock.
Each color palette has a colletion of colors.
2. Each color has a name attribute, and a color value