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KON started in 2005, and it's one of diverse cross-field united cultural brand. The name originated at the end of the 20th Century,and there was a popular slogan in the British minority rock scene, "Find the Kudos of Nova". At this time, the independence movement in pop music was in continuous distillation,and the young people supporting the early 90s British rock were more eager to get one completely new music environment, so they tried to find new stars to break stereotypes regarding this persistence as the biggest honor. Whether they could get public acceptance was rarely considered, but their unique style was actually sought after by lots of fans, their using a large amount of imagination. Self-obsessed rock and roll spirit was infinitely enlarged and expanded. They are shiny, addictive, and have the same value as mainstream pop singers and create a new spirit environment for the new generation of British young people. Music is like cries of life, and emotional music and stories always make people excited. The spirit of getting addicted gradually escapes the field of music, spreads to the minds of next generation, and continues to support people's chasing the perfect ideal.

Whether the classic Sex Pistols' single "Anarchy In The UK" ,Johnny Rotten's hysterical rebellion, or today's "Addict to Life" expression of life, "Find the Kudos of Nova" is the reason and spirit guideline of addiction. The state of addiction must also be indestructible, full of power, cohesion of Passion Purity and Power. Finally, "A" turns into one indestructible triangle made of three cross backbones. He is intuitive, and full of power.The addiction spirit gives this symbol vitality, and then one action of music inspiring people's passion begins.

KON respects the most free expression and is an understanding and support for personality, not guidance and guidelines, to maximizingly wake up and support each person's personality and ignite their hearts' passion. So, in a sense, KON is a kind of appreciation award,one medal awarded to each that indulges in their ideals and continues to struggle for them. From its earliest days, KON successively launched several domestic and international addiction cultural movement with mutual influence to give these groups more appreciation and support, but not guidance and guidelines, to maximizingly wake up and support each person's personality, make them always maintain a persistent passion and persist to the end. KON always adheres to such a position ---- to indulge in their own ideals, complete challenges with a dedicated passion, to be eager to get free-spirited soul and self-realization, from start to finish to maintain youthful fighting vigor and strongly believe attitude is really important!

2009, KON cooperated with the Swedish designer Felipe Kanarek for the first time to launch a full range of casual clothing. Through a keen fashion antenna, the passionate atmosphere of rock and roll was cut into simple styles and the unique personality and temperament continue in the series of clothing. KON also focuses on the modern applications of English fashion, considers beauty and comfort as important measure criteria and "Tradition and Rebellion" is the true spirit of KON fashion. Personalized form of expression is advocated and creation is continually explored in an innovative approach to provide test-fun-filled multi-choices and to create a personalized fashion style, and this will be a never ending topic.

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