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Formative Feedback for Learning

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Make sure you have your Location Services turned on or the App won't find your videos. I created Formative Feedback for Learning to foster and encourage communication between teachers and students. It uses icons and basic editing skills to prompt discussions through a conference setting. It does not have saving abilities or comment boxes as I believe in rich discussions between teachers and students. Technology isolates enough in todays society!! I want technology to do the opposite.

"Formative Feedback for Learning looks very useful" and "I can see myself recommending it to others" - Assessment Guru Dylan William

"The most effective APP my students have used" - Jill, LOTE teacher

"I can help my sister be a better public speaker" - Emily, Year 2 Student

"I can watch my performance on the Ipad and see what I'm doing well and what I need to do better" - Rachel, Year 5 Student

Utilizing the Ipad 2 camera, formative feedback allows students to play back video and allow feedback to be given on performance. This is done through editing the video. Formative Feedback has built in icons (positive and constructive feedback) that fosters communication and collaboration between students. Based on the philosophy of assessment guru's Robert Mazano and Dylan William, Formative Feedback is transforming the way feedback is given in schools today.

Formative Feedback Features:

Built in feedback icons (key- positive feedback and key – constructive feedback) that foster collaboration between students.
Pause Video (and edit using pen)
Utilizes camera on Ipad 2