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Now I Know: My World

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Developed with Montessori licensed teachers, the My World app gives a basic introduction of our world’s continents to children as young as two years old. This multi level app allows children to work at their own pace to learn the names, pronunciations, locations and native animals of each of our seven continents. Perfect for use in home-schooling environments, Montessori classrooms and for parents who want to expose their children to more than basic learning opportunities.

Colorful Continents:

Children use colors to identify continents, hear correct pronunciations of the continents names, and trace the continents basic shape.

Move the World:

Offers children two opportunities to build on the knowledge gained in Colorful Continents. Students are able to choose a continent to be moved into a continent puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete children are instructed to move specific continents back to the original spaces.

Animals of the World:

Children are exposed to 4 animals native to each of the seven continents. As they move the animals to the continent they are introduced to the different habitats the animals live in.