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Hajj & Umrah

iPhone / iPad
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Praise be to Allah and prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah...
This fun program that supports the iPhone and iPod Touch.
In the light of the book and the correct year - with documentation of modern scientists and Almasran latecomers.
Alosamyin and the son of Shaykh Albani and Sheikh 'Abd al-Aziz Ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy ....
Should be downloaded each is willing to save adhkaar Hajj and Umrah, and benefit from them.
And this program is accompanying you in your days ... May God make us male of conciliators.

Benefits of the program:
1 - taken from the book and the correct year, and scholarly opinion.
2 - adhkaar Hajj and Umrah in Arabic.
3 - An attractive format to facilitate Alqroh.
4 - Easily browse dhikr.
5 - Support screen iPhone 4 in high definition.
6 - arrhenotocia divided by the occasion.

7 - Contains the following materials:
A - The virtue of Hajj and Umrah.
B - Types of Pilgrimage.
C - Description of Hajj.
H - The work of the eighth day.
X - The work of the ninth day.
N - The work of the ninth day.
Q – The work of the days of al-11.12, 13.
U - Alerts.
E - Visit the Prophet's Mosque.
J - Umrah brief.

References to the contents of the program:

1 - site of the Islamic scholar
2 - Fortress of the Muslim

I hope that holds the program that you like and do not forget us in the interest of Dauatcm
May God loves and what pleases Him.
Preparation and implementation: Mohamed Yousif Al Ali