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weather dashboard HD

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Provide Cloud / rain / thunder / snow / water five kinds of weather dynamic background effects. The current dynamic background effects selection is default automatically based on the current state of the current city weather. Background effects can also be manually specified;

Have a look at the weather information in major cities around the world. It can support most of the country in local language means to find your local city weather, and extreme weather alert, according to local and international holidays and anniversaries of the corresponding view. Gorgeous lively weather animation icon, customizable define the settings can change the background theme, can be easily forwarded to share weather information to your colleagues and friends;
# Before traveling , have a look at the current weather information of the current city and traveling destination city;
# Display in accordance with international and local way of viewing the various holiday weather;
# Abnormal weather mark and reminders;
# Support major cities around the world;
# View the current real-time weather and a four-day weather forecast information;
# Shows that the Chinese Lunar moral courage; display means according to Chinese lunar calendar dates to view the weather;
# Temperature unit selection functions;
# City searching, adding, deleting and other editing functions;
# Automatically locate and display the current city;
# Through the Sina microblog / twitter / email to share the weather information;
# Weather icons realistic animation;
# Regular automatic updates weather data capability;
# showing each city's local time ;
# sunrise and sunset time forecasting for four days ;
# automatically detecting function of the current city location, you can show to any district area of city;
# can display the weather of anywhere in the world of a city, township name;
# you can enter the fuzzy name to query all cities of the global scale out for selection to add;