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DSLR Companion

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The current high-end cameras already have good metering system, but most of them has a time limit of 30 seconds. In many shooting themes, such as night view, star trails... etc., usually takes more than 30 seconds to have the results you really want.

When it comes to the time limit that is not in the built-in metering sytem, you will need the "DSLR Companion" to help you to calculate the correct exposure value that you really need to take a good picture.

How to Use it?
Very easy, first set the camera's ISO and aperture value to their max, and then measure the iso / aperture / speed / EV value within 30 seconds of exposure using the built-in metering sytem of your camera, fill in the value that comes out into "DSLR Companion" correspondent value, then the fun part is here, select the value that you want to be your result, then adjust the other values that you want, such as the ISO and aperture value, and then with just a finger swape, your result is here!

Now just go and have fun with yout new tool!

目前的高階相機皆擁有不錯的測光系統, 但是測光的最常時間僅限於30秒之內, 在很多拍攝題材, 如夜景、星軌 ... 等等, 往往拍攝時間必須遠超過30秒的時間, 當時間超過測光系統可以測光出的時間時, 就必須透過換算的方式來計算出正確的曝光值。本程式的功能讓你用簡單的方式推算出所需的正確曝光值。

使用方式, 先將相機的ISO與光圈設定開到最大, 測試出相機所能測試出的30秒內的曝光值, 將該數值填入本程式中後進入推算模式, 調整您所希望使用的對應值, 如調整ISO和光圈值, 即可推算出對應的正確曝光時間。