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Optical Heart Rate Meter HD

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Use iPhone's camera to measure your heart rate. View and hear your heart beating from this app. Both continuous and single measurements are provided.


• Measure heart rate by monitoring the color change of blood during heart beating.

• Visualizing heart beating by animation and quasi-ECG graph.

• Beep-sound at each heart beating makes this app look like a real heart rate monitor.

• Both once and continuous measurement are provided.

note: For iPad2, continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

Note: only iPad2 can use this app.

To use this app, run it in an Ipad2. Cover the camera with one finger tip. Make sure that the ambient light is bright (e.g., under the sun light), or aim the camera (with a finger tip covered) to some light source (e.g., a fluorescent light). Then click the big start button (the round button with a triangle on it). The app should start to record heart beating.



• 通过检测心跳时血液颜色的变化计算心跳速率;

• 通过心跳动画和准心电图显示您的心跳;

• “嘟”的提示音使此程序更像一台真正的监护仪;

• 程序提供单次测量和连续测量两种模式。

注意:只有iPad2才能使用此应用;对于iPad2, 连续使用可能会减少待机时间。